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Breza Engineering was established in December 1997 as a result of the necessity to react to cahanges in the local construction environment, aiming for increased flexibilty, professional approach and competitive pricing. This is being achieved by the reduction of overhead costs and having equipment tailored to requirements of individual projects and flexible labour policies.
Our owner / operator strategy supported by horizontal management systems enables us to meet targets as opposed to larger firms with more overheads.  The basis of our success has been continental profession training and years of experience on various aspects of engineering works in Zambia and abroad.

The company senior engineering staff during their years of activity in Zambia has trained and continues to train the core of the labour force

Today we provide employment to over a 100 workers - in various professions -> Welders, Riggers, Boiler Makers, Fitters, Machinists, Technicians and Mechanical, Electrical and Civil Engineers.

Our Senior Engineers - Structural / Mechanical Engineers have Masters Degrees from European Universities and vast experience from various continents.

Effective from 1st January 2003 Company opened the Mechanical/ Structural design department backed with computer AUTOCAD software system. Company introduced the software package PROCON for the design of steel, concrete and wooden structures.        This has been the last step required for BREZA Engineering to be able to provide TURN KEY SERVICES TO CLIENTS – design, supply, to build, to commission and maintain. 

Due to the nature of business environment in Zambia characterized with economical and political unpredictability on longer period terms, un- manageable bank borrowing rates and high currency fluctuation risks, BREZA Engineering operates on strict CASH- BUDGET BASIS and no external finance resources or bank overdraft is utilized. Same time Company reduces the exposure to longer- term credit terms to the customers as well.

Social and Professional responsibilty

We do provide industrial training or attachments for University students from within and abroad, Nothern Technical College and SOS Village training section. We have helped a number of students in Bachelors and Masters level do their Thesis.

Breza Eng Ltd

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